Please note: This site is a work in progress. Tutorials are being added regularly.

This is the documentation for the HIDIOT. If you’d like to use this material elsewhere, please read our licensing information first.

On this site you’ll find tutorials designed to help you get up and running. Our tutorials are projects that cover different aspects of the HIDIOT, from hardware and electricity to software.

All of these tutorials are designed for two people to follow together, but some of these will require adult supervision.

Most tutorials are split into 3 parts, each part should take roughly 15 minutes, and allow for a 5 minute break.

The code samples used in this tutorial are available on our Github. Details on how to install the code can be found in Tutorial 3.

Other Resources

There are a lot of resources online to help you get the most from your HIDIOT. Here’s just a few:

Getting Started

If you’ve never played with electronics before, we recommend starting at the beginning. If you’d like to jump straight into building your own, start with Building a HIDIOT.

  1. About Electricity
  2. Building a HIDIOT
  3. Cutting Code
  4. Developing HIDIOT

Getting To Grips With HIDIOT

  1. Exploring Morse Code
  2. Fun with HID
  3. Getting tactile with HIDIOT

Cool Projects

  1. Build a Super Shutdown Key
  2. Build the Ultimate Night Light
  3. HIDIOT-to-go stopwatch


  1. Common problems
  2. Caring for your HIDIOT