Now you have a fully built HIDIOT in your hands, (or on your desk, or … somewhere nearby) you’re ready to program the thing. In the old days, when computers as powerful as the HIDIOT took up whole rooms and most of us used to have computers less powerful than a watch, we’d just plug the computer into a TV, switch it on and start typing to program it.

Because the HIDIOT is a gateway to professional embedded development (or in other words, doing cool hardware hacking) we’re going to use professional tools for our projects.

The HIDIOT is specifically designed for use with Windows 10, although it will work on other Operating Systems and platforms. If you’re not using Windows 10, you can ask for help in the community subreddit.

Here’s some handy links for people using other Operating Systems:

Check through the above for your Operating System and ask the community subreddit if you’re stuck.

This tutorial is split into 2 parts: