So far we’ve explored various ways of communicating, but in these project tutorials we’re going to look at how we can talk back to the HIDIOT. On the board are points for two momentary tactile switches (buttons, to you and I). We’ll take a look at how we can use them to provide feedback to the HIDIOT.

In this project tutorial you will learn:

Lets look at the projects in this tutorial.

Getting started with tact switches

In this project, we’ll look at the different types of switches we can use and how they work. We’ll look at how to make things happen when you press a button and use the HIDIOT’s built in tact switches to make things happen.

The Getting started with tact switches project is about 20 minutes long including breaks and videos.

Controlling computers with tact switches

This project builds on our previous projects to use buttons to make things happen on a computer. We’ll create a photo booth button and a USB volume controller.

Controlling computers with tact switches should take around 30 minutes including breaks and videos.


One of the best uses of buttons is with games. We’ll use the HIDIOT to create some simple games that you can play.

HIDIOT Arcade should take around 45 minutes including breaks and videos (but not the time you spend playing games!).