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Why use such a restrictive licence?

If you see any errors, omissions or would like to contribute a translation, please do so by contacting us at the email address above. We would be happy to take pull requests from our github, or integrate suggested changes.

We believe that this is the best repository for definitive information about the HIDIOT. Derivations are not permitted, as they may be confused with the original source. If you have any suggested improvements, please do send them to us either via a github pull request or by email to the address above.

Can I use this in my class, school or college?

If it’s not a derivative work, absolutely! You are welcome to use this material to instruct or teach others.

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I would like to reuse some of this material in my own works, can I do that?

Please get in touch with us via the email address at the top of the page, so we can discuss your needs with you. We’re not against people using the material, we just want to ensure that quality is maintained and that it’s not inappropriately claiming association/ownership where incorrect.